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The Quarterly: An advert-free photographic journal that explores what it means to be human.

What is The Quarterly?

We’re a submission-based publication that explores what it means to be human through the medium of photography. Featuring exclusive work from a wide range of talent from around the world and a variety of different backgrounds, each issue visually explores a theme through different photographic disciplines, incorporating photojournalism, fashion, travel, landscape, portraiture, and documentary.

Each issue is given a theme and we invite professional photographers and writers from around the world to propose their stories and interpretations of what they feel fits the issue’s theme. Issue 1 looked at the subject of censorship in our everyday lives, issue 2 explored the relationship between life and culture, and issue 3 looks at the tribes we all exist within, in all walks of life. Those who have their ideas accepted for each issue are then supported by our creative team to bring their concepts to life.


Read our feature of the struggles of
individuals in support of World Aids Day 2014.

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