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Issue 3 Kickstarter: Behind the scenes

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During our Kickstarter campaign for Issue 3 of The Quarterly an awful lot of people asked us for advice on how to put together a good campaign video. Now that the dust has settled and we’ve finally calmed down a bit after smashing our funding target, we thought we’d give you a behind the scenes glimpse of how we threw our video together.

Before we get into it, we just want to say thanks again to all 161 of our backers. Issue 3 is currently at the printers and we’ll be sending out all of your copies and Kickstarter rewards within the next couple of weeks. Woop woop!

Making the video

According to the Kickstarter boffins, campaigns with a video have a much higher chance of success than those without (50% vs. 30%). Throw in some British sarcasm, a handful of trendy looking people and an awesome film-maker and you’ll find yourself in pretty good stead. Now at this stage you might be asking yourselves, I’m sure I can handle the sarcasm and the trendy hipsters, but how do I find an awesome film maker?

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Magpile Indie Publication of 2013

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Hey All!

We’re hoping you guys can help us top off 2013 by voting for us in the magpile 2013 awards. If we win, we’ll throw a kick ass party as a thank you rather than keeping the winnings to ourselves.

All you need to do is visit the following link sign up or sign in via twitter and just select th Quarterly from the drop down list. http://magpile.com/awards/

We ended the year on a high and we’re hoping to start 2014 on a seriously positive note!

Thank you!


The Quarterly: As featured in this month’s British Journal of Photography

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We are beyond stoked to announce The Quarterly is featured in British Journal of Photography’s December issue which looks at “cool & noteworthy” people and projects from the past year. 

Established in 1854, British Journal of Photography is the world’s longest-running photography magazine. Their December issue — which went on sale today — is an annual review of the people and projects that inspired them in 2013.

As part of their yearly round-up, issue 2 of The Quarterly is featured in a section entitled: “Stand-out print titles with a photographic bent”.

Seeing our beloved publication next to some of the world’s most beautiful and established photography magazines really is an honour and a privilege. From the beginning, The Quarterly has always set out to do things differently and although we’re still learning every single day, seeing recognition likes this helps remind us we must be heading in the right direction.


To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ve decided to reduce the price of our digital edition to £1.50


To subscribe to British Journal of Photography or find a stockist near you visit www.bjp-online.com/static/in-print

We’re also still on the hunt for talented, passionate and mind-blowingly epic photographers, journalists, and writers who want to get involved with issue 3 of The Quarterly. Check out our submissions page and send us your ideas.

We’re Award Winning…

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We won an award! We got a silver (they didn’t give out a gold!) at the CREAM AWARDS 2013… Seriously hyped about that! So those of you involved in us can strut a bit harder and those of you with a copy can say you’ve helped support an award winning publication!

The Quarterly Issue 2 has landed

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After countless hours of emailing, editing, writing, re-touching and re-re-touching, Issue 2 of The Quarterly finally hits the shelves this Friday with an bells ringing launch night at BOX studio in London.



The triple-covered 144 page behemoth examines the theme of Life and Culture and uses everything from fashion photography to thought-evoking opinionated copy, to look at guns, tattoos, council estate, sex, communes, analogue photography, free-spirited adventure, old age, Los Angeles, immigration, street art, barbers and more.

For those who missed a trick during our Kickstarter campaign, pre-ordered copies of issue 2 are available here at the discounted retail price of £9.50 (Which will go up to £11 after 26th October).

The Launch Night

Due to the recent overwhelming success of the issue 2 Kickstarter campaign – which included mentions on Creative Review, Design Collector, Freunde von Freunden, and the official Kickstarter blog, to name a few – the team behind The Quarterly are putting on a jolly good knees up to shout about their wonderful new publication from the rooftops.

The launch night will give fans of The Quarterly a chance to meet the amazingly talented writers and photographers who contributed to the issue, and a chance to pick the brains of the team behind The Quarterly.


The brand new three floor BOX studio in Shoreditch will exhibit a selection of photographs from the magazine and advance print copies of The Quarterly will be also be on hand for guests to buy and flick through, before the rest of the world gets their hands on them.

The team behind The Quarterly Kickstarter video will also be filming the many drunken hilarities which are bound to occur during the night, and as sponsors of the event, the good people at Brewdog and Bondi Beer will be donating enough free beer to make sure no one goes thirsty. They’ll also be a selection of nibbles and live music from four unannounced London DJ’s. 

There are still a few spaces left on the guest list, so if you would like to attend please email an RSVP to naeem@thecreativebook.com, tweet @_TheQuarterly, or join our Facebook event page. Hurry though, places are filling up fast. 

Event Location: BOX Studio, 1-3 French Place, London, E1 6JB.

We look forward to getting rowdy with you all.


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It’s all over and we’ve smashed it. Our 30 day Kickstarter came to an end this morning and we are gobsmacked to see you guys have collectively pledged 137% of our funding goal.Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 10.02.38

Saying thank you really doesn’t express our gratitude but thank you, thank you, thank you.

Massive high-five to our final backers

Jennifer Moreno, Dave Alexander, Levi Daniels, Andrew, Jordon Ferguson, Richard Mountford, Ronald Figueroa, Matthieu Herblin, Kevin Meredith, Gary Jones, Justine Anweiler, Jerome, Naeem Alvi, Craig McCartney, Jennifer Wallis, DELAIRON, Sian Lidgate, Katherine Kong, Ivana Bilic, Mark Salmon, Tommy Francis,Ellen Appleton, Paul Hayday


When we decided to launch this campaign for issue 2 of The Quarterly we entered into a world none of us really knew anything about. After weeks of research, late night phone calls and countless emails we gritted our teeth, clicked launch and went for it.

TheQuarterly Issue 2 off to the printers

Issue 2 of The Quarterly being sent to the printers this morning

It’s been a hugely eye-opening experience and we’ve honestly been blown away by the support of our fans, our contributors, and the creative industry. With every tweet, like, or mention in the pub, you’ve all helped us spread the word and helped The Quarterly to grow.

As well as promoting the hell out of this campaign, our contributors and production team have also been hard at work over the last few weeks to finalise everything for issue 2. The final tweaks have now been made and we’re delighted to announce that issue 2 is currently on its way to the printers. We’ll be dropping some previews over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled. Honestly, it’s going to be awesome and you won’t be disappointed.

To everyone who backed our kickstarter we’ll be sending out emails to sort out the details for your rewards, so make sure you keep checking your inbox. Depending on where you are in the world, you should receive your print copy of issue 2 in either late October or early November. As this is a little later than we expected, we’ve also thrown in a massive poster for all of our Kickstarter backers, as your happiness is our priority.

To those of you who want a copy of Issue 2 but missed the kickstarter, we’ll be stocking issue 2 on The Quarterly website soon enough.

The Launch Night

Again, our sincerest thanks to everyone who backed this project. Our team are working hard to pull everything together for the Issue 2 launch night. If you’re free from 7pm – midnight on Friday 25th October we’d love to meet you all in London for a jolly good knees up. We’ll email you all more information as we pull everything together, but just be sure to save the date. It’s going to be a good night.

Our original plan was to use the event to launch Issue 2 and launch our exhibition simultaneously, but we’ve decided to delay the exhibition side of things for a few weeks so we can give it the time it deserves to make it amazing. Of course, you guys will all be the first people on the guest list.

Again, our sincerest thanks to everyone involved in this campaign.






Three Covers to rule them all…

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We had trouble choosing two covers, let alone one, so ended up on three.. Woo! We thought we should share them all with you in a nice weekend update. The deadline for our kickstarter is looming ever closer and we’re seriously, seriously, unbelievably grateful for all your support.

One last push would be mega awesome mind you! – support us via http://kck.st/1dUxBE7

All three covers

All three covers

Stefan by Tom Johnson

Stefan by Tom Johnson

Stefan by Roo Lewis

Stefan by Roo Lewis


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Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it turns out you can raise £405 in just two days if you have the support of the creative community behind you.

We might keep saying this but we’ve genuinely been blown away by everyone’s support so far. In just 48 hours we’ve raised 27% of our total funding goal.

Check out The Quarterly Kickstarter HERE.

Kickstarters most recent statistics state that projects which surpass the 20% mark have an 81% chance of success so it looks like we are well on our way to reaching £1500.

Huge thanks to our newest Backers:

Glenn NorwoodKICK1

Lisa Curtis



Brian Fargo

Roo Lewis

Stuart Moore

Chris Newberry

Stephen Smith

Kevin Exley


Our project has started popping up all over the web. The lovely people at Feature Shoot tweeted their support for the project to their 29,000+ followers. Those of you who read yesterday’s blog post on The Creative Book blog would of seen us shouting about a man called Brian Fargo. Well, Brian must have liked what we wrote because he decided to pledge £50 to our project without any explanation. EPIC. And, we featured on the front page of The Danny Gartside Daily as a top story.

Please keep spreading the word. 27 days left!






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Our 30-day Kickstarter Campaign has now been live for 24 hours and what an exciting full rotation of the earth it’s been.


We’ve been overwhelmed by everyone’s support so far and we’ve already raised £190 of our £1500 goal, which is 12% of our total goal.

Your support on @_TheQuarterly Twitter has been amazing and it’s nice to know we have so many genuinely supportive followers.

HUGE THANKS to our backers so far:

Chris Jarvis

Nathan Cleary

Steven Whiting 

Talitha Slaughter Hudson

Robert Stembridge

Alex Frost

Mark Ivkovic

Karl Shaddick




Screenshot Go Megafounder 9th Sept

Our project has already been featured in some rather interesting places online. Kicktraq featured us on their day 1 projects page, Go.Megafounder.com have put us on the front page of their website under their ‘projects you will love‘ page and click HERE to read about all the merriment going on at Kickingitforward.org.

Starting so positively has made the weeks of countless hours that have gone into setting up this campaign completely worth it.

Please Keep spreading the word and helping us to fight the good fight!



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