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Issue 3 Kickstarter: Behind the scenes

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During our Kickstarter campaign for Issue 3 of The Quarterly an awful lot of people asked us for advice on how to put together a good campaign video. Now that the dust has settled and we’ve finally calmed down a bit after smashing our funding target, we thought we’d give you a behind the scenes glimpse of how we threw our video together.

Before we get into it, we just want to say thanks again to all 161 of our backers. Issue 3 is currently at the printers and we’ll be sending out all of your copies and Kickstarter rewards within the next couple of weeks. Woop woop!

Making the video

According to the Kickstarter boffins, campaigns with a video have a much higher chance of success than those without (50% vs. 30%). Throw in some British sarcasm, a handful of trendy looking people and an awesome film-maker and you’ll find yourself in pretty good stead. Now at this stage you might be asking yourselves, I’m sure I can handle the sarcasm and the trendy hipsters, but how do I find an awesome film maker?

Well fortunately for us, that’s where a suitably awesome human being called Rory Gullan stepped in.


A professional photographer and videographer, Rory has been a supporter of The Quarterly since its humble beginnings almost a year ago. On a day-to-day basis Rory is more likely to be found shooting and filming hot models at his stunning studio in Boxpark, Shoreditch. However, when we put a call out on our social media channels to see if anyone would like to help us put together a campaign video, Rory graciously stepped up to the challenge and offered to help us completely free of charge.


Arriving at Rory’s swanky studio with a loosely written script and a healthy amount of enthusiasm, we tried to stick on our serious business looking faces and keeps things as close to professional as we expected Rory’s normal clientele to be, but after some initial handshakes and small talk we soon realised we needn’t be so Donald Trump. In fact, as we started walking around London looking for cool spots to film in, the day quickly became a fully fledged barrel of laughs, with almost every single shot taking twice as long to film because of our jovial, and thoroughly childish, mucking about.


As we got into the swing of things, a few more fans of The Quarterly started to turn up to help out and make us look super professional and trendy.


As with most things we do at The Quarterly we went into the day not really knowing what to expect and very little idea of how to guarantee success but Rory handled things beautifully. During our campaign, quite a few people asked us for advice on how to put together a good video for their own campaign, and I guess the most important thing we can pass on is to have fun with it and welcome surprises. Not everything will go to plan, but as long as you have a laugh doing it, things will come together in the end.


And in other news…

Studio Launch

For anyone looking to meet our talented film maker in the flesh, or check out his studio, Rory is holding an official studio launch this Saturday 29th from 7.30pm at Boxpark, Shoreditch (E1 6GY), outside the studio on the outdoor terrace. It should be a cracking event in a beautiful part of London and if the weatherman has got it right, it should be pretty damn sunny too.

The Quarterly Issue 3 Launch party

To celebrate the success of our Kickstarter campaign for Issue 3 we’ll also be holding a little soiree of our own with the lovely folks at BrewDog in Shoreditch on Thursday 3rd April from 7pm onwards. We’ll have a free drink for each of our Kickstarter backers and cake and balloons for all. The event is open to the public so feel free to bring your mates.

To get a taste of what to expect, check out this awesome little video of our Issue two launch a few months back, made by the talented cats at Black Market Visuals (Apologies to those on mobile devices. Sony don’t let you use their music for free on smaller devices):

Issue 3 pre-orders

For those that missed out on our Kickstarter for Issue 3 of The Quarterly, we’re currently offering our fans an exclusive discount on Issue 3 pre-orders in our shop. This  offer will only last for a few more days so grab yourself a copy for a discount price while you still can.

See you all soon you epic lot.

Photography by Roo Lewis 

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