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Issue 3 Kickstarter: The first 24 hours

Posted by | February 12, 2014 | Kickstarter, The Quarterly | No Comments

Well, what a difference a day makes. In less than 24 hours we’ve managed to raise 42% of our total funding goal on Kickstarter.

Visit our Kickstarter page here: http://kck.st/1kyLbAq

After weeks of planning, filming, editing, late-night emailing, and nervously biting our nails, to see such overwhelming support for issue 3 of The Quarterly right from the get-go really does make everything worth it. From the start, The Quarterly has been an experiment to try and do things differently to the mainstream publishing industry. (Continued below)


By it’s very nature, an experiment is the combination of a varying elements to see what works and what doesn’t work. As we’ve been shown time and time again, when something works it’s a bloody marvellous feeling, but when it doesn’t work it can be difficult to unruffle your feathers, shrug your shoulders and try again.

Right now however, our feathers have most certainly been unruffled and shall remain unruffled for some weeks to come.

Huge thanks to our first backers:

Andrew Knipe. Stephen Smith. Nathan Cleary. Stuart Moore. Chris Newberry. Damian Boys. Laura Carberry. Simon James Bell. Chris Jarvis. Vikki Ross. Rory Gullan. Kevin Exley. Jerome. Rich. Desiree Pfeiffer. Lea Fabing. Doug. Haileeyy. Matthew Lynch. Phil Ivens. Johan Ulburghs. Claire McAlpine. Simon Keane. Steve Calder. Tiffany ‘TJ’ Villiers. Liam Fay-Fright. Eva Powell. Lisa Curtis. Ben Peckett. Mark Massey. Mark Ivkovic. 

You guys are so damn juicy.

Keep an eye on The Creative Book blog, The Quarterly News Page our Twitter, and this news page to catch some unpublished snippets of the exclusive content we’ve got lined up for issue 3. Honestly, it’s going to be incredibly wild.

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