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Minimum target reached. New website. New Reward.

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The last 24 hours have been extremely positive for The Quarterly. We’ve reached the minimum funding target we need to make Issue Three happen and we’ve redesigned The Quarterly website. To celebrate this wonderful positivity train, we’ve decided to add a new reward to our Kickstarter.

As we’re only 4 days into our Kickstarter funding for Issue Three, we really hadn’t anticipated reaching our minimum funding goal quite so quickly. To everyone who has backed the project so far, we really can’t thank you enough. As we’ve said time and time again over the last few days, the success of The Quarterly comes down to the overwhelming support we get from you guys.

As well as our abundant thanks, here’s your names up in lights:

Jane Thomas. Dan Rowden. Thom Bartley. Evelyn Cotter. Carl Osbourn. James Drew. Amanda Samuels. Ryan Mason. Silke Oehler. Jake Pearce. Anton Swadling. Tom Loach. William Lanham. Dea Haupt. Andy. Simon Rhodes. John Jencks. James Chidlow. Chris Todd Miller. Mohammed Yusuf Abdoolraheem. Stijn Van der Linden. Fabian Trost. Nicko Duque. Carolina Baker. Craig Allen. 

You are all wild beyond belief. 

And in other news…

New reward

A few of our backers have asked us how they can get their hands on an advance copy of Issue Four. With our earlybird reward selling out in under 24 hours, we’ve decided it’s only right to offer the rest of you the chance to pre-order Issue Four.

Pledge £25 or more: PRINT POWER – You’ll receive an advance print and digital copy of Issue Three and Issue Four. That’s nearly 400 pages of awesome exclusive content! You’ll also be invited to our launch party for Issue 3 and receive a mention of thanks on The Quarterly website and in the third and fourth issue. Plus a copy of an extra special side project we’re working on with Jilted Royalty, to be sent to you in the summer. Trust us it’s not one you’ll want to miss.

Check out the new reward HERE.

Woop woop!

New website

Some of you might have noticed our website was undergoing ‘Scheduled Maintenance’ yesterday. Our apologies for any inconvenience this caused but there’s never a good time to redesign a website, so we figured we would just get it done.

The new design is something we’ve wanted to do for a while and hopefully it’ll make your digital time with us a much sleeker and polished experience. We’re still ironing out a few of the kinks, but any feedback you have (especially the designers out there) would be greatly appreciated via The Quarterly Twitter or via email at hello@thecreativebook.com

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 10.06.38

Making waves

The funding period during a Kickstarter campaign is one of the only times you can ask other people to help boost your profile without feeling really cringe. True to form, we’ve asked quite a few people to help us spread the word and our campaign has already popped up in some magnificent places online. Kickstarter themselves, made our project a ‘staff pick’ and we’ve also been featured on ilovethatphoto.net and the front page of The Magaziner.

Boom diggity.

 Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 10.28.57

The next steps

A few of you might be thinking now that we’ve reached our minimum funding goal on kickstarter, we’re going to curl up and nap for the next 26 days but that just isn’t our style. The more funding we can raise this time round, the bigger the budget we can create for Issue 4 so we need you all to keep on helping us to fight the good fight. Honestly, we’re stoked to have reached our goal so quickly but the more people we can get backing (or at least paying attention to) this Kickstarter, the more we’ll be able to accomplish over the next few months and ultimately, more people will see our contributors amazing work.

Our backers will also be sent some for-backer-eyes-only updates over the next few weeks featuring an advance glimpse of some of content in Issue 3 and some other never-before-seen exclusive photography so keep your eyes peeled.

26 days to go!

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