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Issue Four: Journeys


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We’re all inspired by the journeys we experience in our lives. Travelling from here to there and back again; seeking out the unknown and discovering untouched natural beauty or standing in awe of concrete monstrosities. Scaling the heights and avoiding the lows, encountering strangers, their customs and beliefs.

We learn from emotional journeys too. The intimate, the private, the physical. The family tree, the relationships we create, finding love, and experiencing loss. The things we learn from childhood to adulthood that come to potentially define who we are.

The struggle, the fight, the rights and wrongs, the hopes and dreams of life. Issue four of The Quarterly is all about journeys – the experiences we’ve had, the things we still yearn for. We want it to be a journey of discovery and enlightenment.

Issue Four of The Quarterly is shaping up to be our best issue yet. We’ve got gargantuan features by incredible talents and we can’t wait to show you it.


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