Issue Three: Tribes


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Tribes are something we’re all a part of whether we choose to recognise them or not. From your family to your friends, to those you work alongside or interact with directly or indirectly on a daily basis. Issue Three of The Quarterly is a celebration of the ties and connections which bind people together.

Issue three of The Quarterly tells the stories of those groups of people, brought together by love or circumstances, showing the contrasts in the lives of others that surround us all on a daily basis.

Issue three features incredibly photography and gripping wordsmithery from talented photographers and writers alike. It’s also our biggest issue yet with 160 pages of advert free, balls to the wall content. As with every issue of The Quarterly, all content has been produced exclusively so you won’t have seen any of the content anywhere else online, or in print.

It’s got everything from exclusive interviews with the founders of the Communion Music record label, to a celebration of the Tokyo Rockabillies who are too young too die, living fast in Tokyo. We speak to the epic folks at BrewDog, explore what it means to be genderless with the Ladyboys of L.A, get our rollerskates on, hang out in Sou’wester and share never seen before photographs of epic indie-rock band, Brother and Bones. We also explore the family connection that drives the Jilted Royalty clothing brand forwards and look at at some of the weapons which have been confiscated in London schools schools over the past few years, and so, so much more…

Featuring photography from Roo Lewis, James Deacon, Sharlene Durfey, Noriko Takasugi, Arianna Lago, Phil Chester, Tom Brannigan, Ryan Edy, Juan Ortiz, Mark Salmon, Matt Hollowy and Ella Sullivan and writing from Naeem Alvi, Vikki Ross, Freya Holmes, Tsukasa Tanimoto, Gemma Padley, Anastasia Miari, Mathias Benninghoven, Marisol Arteaga, Jill Mason.

Cover by: Phil Chester

160 Pages

No adverts. No filler.
Creativity without the Exploitation.


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