Issue Two: Life and Culture


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Life & Culture: Two things which are forever entwined. We are all born into this bizarre life free from ideals, values and beliefs, but over time, we all start to make sense of the world in different ways. Issue 2 of The Quarterly examines the cultural nuances which makes us all human. From the homely couple that immerse themselves in gun culture in a bid to belong, to the free-spirited youths who long for the open road, issue two of The Quarterly tells the story of the life-affirming efforts we all make to provide comfort, meaning and control.

Featuring stunning photography from some of the worlds most talented visual artists, and beautiful prose from equally talented writers, this issue is 144 pages of advert free, totally exclusive content. Each lovingly designed and beautifully printed page plays a part in exploring the similarities and gaping contrasts in human ideals and values we all choose to aspire towards around the world.

Using everything from fashion photography to thought-evoking opinionated copy, this issue looks at guns, tattoos, council estate, sex, communes, analogue photography, free-spirited adventure, old age, Los Angeles, immigration, street art, barbers and more.

Trust us, it’s pretty epic.

Featuring photography from Maud Chalard, Sharon Kim, Roo Lewis, ANTON, Mark Ivkovic, Marc Pritchard, Annie Ling, Tom Johnson, Tim Hans, Nick Onken, and writing from Naeem Alvi, Jace Kim, Christian Coleman, Stephen Dowling, Errol Clarke, Ivana McConnell, Noo Ridings, Alena Walker, Patrick McCullough.

Cover Models: Billy Huxley and Stefan Liskiewicz

144 Pages

250mm x 190mm
No adverts. No filler.
Creativity without the Exploitation.

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