We’re all inspired by the journeys we experience in our lives. Travelling from here to there and back again; seeking out the unknown and discovering untouched natural beauty or standing in awe of concrete monstrosities. Scaling the heights and avoiding the lows, encountering strangers, their customs and beliefs.

We learn from emotional journeys too. The intimate, the private, the physical. The family tree, the relationships we create, finding love, and experiencing loss. The things we learn from childhood to adulthood that come to potentially define who we are.

The struggle, the fight, the rights and wrongs, the hopes and dreams of life. Issue four of The Quarterly is all about journeys – the experiences we’ve had, the things we still yearn for. We want it to be a journey of discovery and enlightenment; one our readers will feel inspired by.

Submission Guidelines:

The deadline for proposals and concepts is late May 31st. A Short list of creatives will be created shortly after and you’ll then have until June 2014 (date to be finalised) for your finished projects to be completed with the issue being launch in Summer 2014.

The concept & proposal should contain a 200-500 written explanation of your idea and proposal and needs alongside mood boards to help explain your idea.

Please submit your proposal in a pdf.

Please don’t send us proposals for anything that has been published already. That means both online and in print.

The email address you need to be sending concepts and proposals to is please don’t send overtly large file sizes. It just takes forever to download them and shift through the inbox.

There are no limits in regards how many proposals you can send us. Just ensure you’re able to pull them off and actually make them shit hot.

Please don’t send us finished editorials. We’re looking for proposals, a concept and mood boards first and foremost. If your concept is shortlisted for the printed publication, we’ll contact you and work together with you to get it done.

If you’re shortlisted and give you the go ahead, Your work will be published. However.. The editors decision is final, we don’t get on well at all with creatives who get complacent and think they can phone it in.

You and your team will need to be a member of the Creative Book website before we go to print and accept your editorial. It’s free to join. This doesn’t apply to writers and other contributors. If you’re interested in getting involved in the non-photographic side of things then you should just send us an email.

Remember.. It’s about being creative, we don’t do shit the usual way. We’re open to suggestion, you just need to back it up and convince us. Take us on that journey. Have fun and be fucking awesome.