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24 hours left on Kickstarter

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With less than one day of funding on Kickstarter left, we’re still gobsmacked to see we’ve more than tripled our original minimum funding target.

To everyone who has backed, shared or even asked their mum to spare a few quid, thank you so much.


As we learnt last time round, the final week on Kickstarter is always the most exciting one and there have been plenty of exciting developments for The Quarterly over the past seven days, but before we get into all that…

A booming great thank you and virtual high-five to our newest backers:

Andrew. Cameron Ohls. Jonathan Wakeman. Phil Rennie. Carolina Beiertz. Edouard Pippo. James Dekker. Kelly Hammond. Felicity Lewis. Max Horn. Kicklix. Jamike-Latif. Ben Jones. Danilo Di Julio. K Flemington. Megan Bramley. Heather Amos. Kim Campbell. Emma Joy To. Charli Avery. Jenny Green. Mary Valiakas. Hannah. Damiano Bonwi. 

You guys put the awesome in awesomeness.

Creative Review

During our Issue 2 Kickstarter campaign, we nearly jumped out of our boots when we saw The Quarterly pop up on the rather well respected design website, Creative Review, and this time round was no different.

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 09.27.55

See the full article HERE.

Media Coverage

As well as popping up on Creative Review, we’ve also seen lots of other lovely websites sharing The Quarterly during this 30-day Kickstarter and we really can’t thank you all enough.

See more articles here:

NOTCOT - Design CollectorPRETTY STUFFGroovy BrainILOVETHATPHOTOThe Magaziner - Photography Cool

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 10.28.57

Social Distribution

As our Kickstarter draws to a close, you might be wondering what we’ve got planned next? First and foremost, we’ll be heading to the pub to celebrate the success of the past 30 days, but once we sober up again we’ve got big plans afoot for The Quarterly. As well as writing endless thank you notes, finishing the design for Issue 3, and posting copies all over the world, we’re looking into launching a social distribution model for our beloved publication. We first came across the idea of social distribution on the worksthatwork website and it’s honestly one of the cleverest approaches to independent magazine publishing we’ve seen since we started The Quarterly.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, a person (you) buys 10 or so copies of The Quarterly in bulk. The amount we save in postage means we can take a hit so we sell the copies to you at a 50% discount.

The buyer (you) arranges postage for the items or we ship your 10 copies and charge you the cost (This will be significantly cheaper than you might expect as it’s way cheaper to ship copies in bulk).

You sell the copies to a stockist or your own customers for the full cover price (or less if you wish) and keep the profit.

You also agree to not sell the copies for no more than the cover price so you don’t rip anyone off.

We then promote your store or the stockist to our audience and thus, social distribution is achieved.

Of course this is just an idea at the moment but it’s something we’d like to test out. If you’re interested in getting involved send us an email at hello@thecreativebook.com and we’ll send you more details when we’ve worked everything out.

For now however, we’ve got 24 hours to go. Please keep spreading the word and help us to make The Quarterly a success.

You all kick ass.



New Brother & Bones reward on Kickstarter

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With 12 days to go, we’ve surpassed 3K on Kickstarter. To celebrate this wonderful news we’ve decided to team up with the mighty Brother and Bones to offer some new exclusive rewards. 


Firstly, our monumental thanks to all of our new backers.

Paul Macgregor. Ian Dudley. Conor McBride. David Morland. Constance Renger. Jimmy Mathis. Aiden Jordan. Jack Attack Gill. Jamie Davies-Morgan. Adam Hill. Michael Leckie. Matt Desmier. Gabriel Morgan. Alexander Maltby. 

You are all epic beyond belief.

Brother and Bones

In Issue Three of The Quarterly, photographer Matt Holloway gives us an exclusive look at what it’s like to be the on tour photographer for acclaimed alt-rock/acoustic five piece, Brother & Bones.


As one of the few unsigned British bands which have rocketed to success over the last couple of years, Matt’s signature high-energy photography captures the visual nuances which make life on the road such an exciting, adventurous, and truly human place to be.

The article in Issue 3 features a selection of never-before-seen photos from Matt’s life on tour and his personal insight into what it’s like to be part of the Brother & Bones family.

To see a glimpse of the magic you can expect from his full feature in Issue Three, check out some of his published work on our features page here.

New Rewards

Despite currently touring around Europe, Brother and Bones were kind enough to get in touch with us and donate a wealth of signed merchandise to add to our Kickstarter offering. The rewards (detailed below) are heavily discounted and extremely limited so make sure you get ‘em quick.


£10+ shipping – BROTHER AND BONES (15 available)

Advance print and digital copy of the Quarterly Issue 3. 1 x Mini Brother and Bones Art Print (unsigned). Plus an invite to our Issue 3 launch party and a thanks in Issue 3 and on the website.

£50+ shipping – BIG BROTHER (1 available)

1 x men’s large Brother and Bones T-shirt (White). 1 x signed ‘To Be Alive’ EP. 1 x signed ‘Skin’ EP. 1 x signed ‘For All We Know’ EP. 1 x Brother and Bones art print (unsigned). 1 x print and digital copy of the Quarterly Issue 3. Plus an invite to our Issue 3 launch party and a thanks in Issue 3 and on the website.

 £50+shipping – BONES ‘R’ US (1 available)

1 x Women’s Brother & Bones medium T-shirt (black). 1 x signed ‘To Be Alive’ EP. 1 x signed ‘Skin’ EP. 1 x signed ‘For All We Know’ EP. 1 x Brother and Bones art print (unsigned). 1 x print and digital copy of the Quarterly Issue 3. Plus an invite to our Issue 3 launch party and a thanks in Issue 3 and on the website.


Thanks again to everyone who has pledged so far. Please keep spreading the word and helping us fight the good fight.

12 days to go!




12 days in. 100 backers. Smashing it.

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Twelve days into our Kickstarter for Issue Three of The Quarterly, we’ve just broken past the 3K mark.


Massive buckets of thanks to our latest backers:

Jacob Woolcock. Christopher Greer. Stephen Lamb. Arseny Vesnin. Amer A Majid. Tom Williams. Denia Kazakou. Amer. Paige Mitchell. Matthew Scott. George Brown. Matthew Wilks. Balkan Vinyl. Eric Athanas. Łukasz Chmielowski. Emma Channon. Stephanie Khiara. Amrit Bajwa. 

You guys are all motherflipping sorcerers.

New Feature

In Issue Two of The Quarterly, we spent a day with tattooed male model, Billy Huxley.

If you haven’t seen us shouting about it via our social media channels yet, we’ve just added his very honest interview to our features page. Check it out here.


Billy Huxley adding to his growing tattoo collection while interviewed for Issue Two of The Quarterly. Photo by Roo Lewis.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be adding some unpublished shots and extended interviews from Issue Three of The Quarterly so keep your eyes peeled for more sneaky previews.

Google Plus

As anyone who uses social media to promote their wares will know, Facebook has recently been flaunting it’s big hairy corporate dong and practically started forcing people to pay for advertising.

Obviously as an independent journal, we haven’t got a lot of disposable income so while we’ll keep posting new and interesting content on The Quarterly Facebook we’ve also decided to set up a Google Plus page which you can visit here: http://bit.ly/1jo5cXD 

Screen shot 2014-02-23 at 11.57.00

  18 days to go

It’s still difficult to comprehend we’re not even half way through our 30-day Kickstarter funding period and 222% funded but we’re not going to slack off. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Our goal with The Quarterly is to prove that you can get an independent publication in front of the eyes of as many people as the big dogs and we’re confident we’ll get there. One step at a time.

Smashing it on Kickstarter.

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175% funded. Safe to say, things are going pretty well for our Issue Three Kickstarter. 

Just one week into our 30-day Kickstarter for Issue 3, we’ve managed to raise nearly double our minimum funding target which is all thanks to you guys being absolutely bloody awesome.

Huge thanks to our newest backers:

Theresa Landell. Belinda McLaughlin. Jonathan Yates. Kevin Franklin. Chris Holden. Hayley Byfield. Nicola Scott. Dustin Kalynchuk. Richard Laurente. Charlie Wooldridge. Ben Aldrige. Damian Swift. Mat Deppe. Seth Steranka. Matt Boswell. Jamie Hall. Jon Shone. David Miller. Aaron J L P Spicer. James Coronado. Evan Tarantino. Afriat. Matt Walton. Aaron Cheeseman. Lucy Williams. Simina A. Aleksandra Kingo.

If you were all horses, you’d be blooming stallions. 


New Jilted Reward

A few of you may have noticed we’ve added a few new rewards to our Kickstarter over the weekend. To explain a little further, we’ve teamed up with the incredibly fucking cool people at Jilted Royalty to offer some extremely limited edition T-shirts. Only 25 will ever be made and sizes are limited so get yours before they sell out.

(Note – To those of you who selected the  £30 ‘JILTED EDITION’ reward, this comes with an awesome Jilted Royalty T-Shirt but it isn’t one of the limited edition versions. There’s been a little confusion so we just wanted to set the record straight.)

In Issue 3 of The Quarterly, photographer Gobinder Jhitta spends some time with the founder of Jilted Royalty, Jay Read and his family to capture the Jilted way of life. Having just seen the photography for this article, I can confirm it’s flipping awesome.

Here’s a little preview:

The Jilted Family by photographer, Gobinder Jhitta for Issue Three of The Quarterly

The Jilted Family by photographer, Gobinder Jhitta for Issue Three of The Quarterly

New Features

We’ve also recently added a couple of new features to our site showing off some epic work from Roo Lewis and Marc Pritchard from Issue One of The Quarterly. Check them out here:


A preview of 'Fahrenheit 451' by Marc Pritchard and 'PropDep' by Roo Lewis  in Issue One of The Quarterly.

A preview of ‘Fahrenheit 451′ by Marc Pritchard and ‘PropDep’ by Roo Lewis in Issue One of The Quarterly.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding some more tasty features from Issue Two and throwing up some never-before-seen exclusive interviews from Issue Three. Keep your eyes well and truly peeled.

23 days to go!

Minimum target reached. New website. New Reward.

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The last 24 hours have been extremely positive for The Quarterly. We’ve reached the minimum funding target we need to make Issue Three happen and we’ve redesigned The Quarterly website. To celebrate this wonderful positivity train, we’ve decided to add a new reward to our Kickstarter.

As we’re only 4 days into our Kickstarter funding for Issue Three, we really hadn’t anticipated reaching our minimum funding goal quite so quickly. To everyone who has backed the project so far, we really can’t thank you enough. As we’ve said time and time again over the last few days, the success of The Quarterly comes down to the overwhelming support we get from you guys.

As well as our abundant thanks, here’s your names up in lights:

Jane Thomas. Dan Rowden. Thom Bartley. Evelyn Cotter. Carl Osbourn. James Drew. Amanda Samuels. Ryan Mason. Silke Oehler. Jake Pearce. Anton Swadling. Tom Loach. William Lanham. Dea Haupt. Andy. Simon Rhodes. John Jencks. James Chidlow. Chris Todd Miller. Mohammed Yusuf Abdoolraheem. Stijn Van der Linden. Fabian Trost. Nicko Duque. Carolina Baker. Craig Allen. 

You are all wild beyond belief. 

And in other news…

New reward

A few of our backers have asked us how they can get their hands on an advance copy of Issue Four. With our earlybird reward selling out in under 24 hours, we’ve decided it’s only right to offer the rest of you the chance to pre-order Issue Four.

Pledge £25 or more: PRINT POWER – You’ll receive an advance print and digital copy of Issue Three and Issue Four. That’s nearly 400 pages of awesome exclusive content! You’ll also be invited to our launch party for Issue 3 and receive a mention of thanks on The Quarterly website and in the third and fourth issue. Plus a copy of an extra special side project we’re working on with Jilted Royalty, to be sent to you in the summer. Trust us it’s not one you’ll want to miss.

Check out the new reward HERE.

Woop woop!

New website

Some of you might have noticed our website was undergoing ‘Scheduled Maintenance’ yesterday. Our apologies for any inconvenience this caused but there’s never a good time to redesign a website, so we figured we would just get it done.

The new design is something we’ve wanted to do for a while and hopefully it’ll make your digital time with us a much sleeker and polished experience. We’re still ironing out a few of the kinks, but any feedback you have (especially the designers out there) would be greatly appreciated via The Quarterly Twitter or via email at hello@thecreativebook.com

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 10.06.38

Making waves

The funding period during a Kickstarter campaign is one of the only times you can ask other people to help boost your profile without feeling really cringe. True to form, we’ve asked quite a few people to help us spread the word and our campaign has already popped up in some magnificent places online. Kickstarter themselves, made our project a ‘staff pick’ and we’ve also been featured on ilovethatphoto.net and the front page of The Magaziner.

Boom diggity.

 Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 10.28.57

The next steps

A few of you might be thinking now that we’ve reached our minimum funding goal on kickstarter, we’re going to curl up and nap for the next 26 days but that just isn’t our style. The more funding we can raise this time round, the bigger the budget we can create for Issue 4 so we need you all to keep on helping us to fight the good fight. Honestly, we’re stoked to have reached our goal so quickly but the more people we can get backing (or at least paying attention to) this Kickstarter, the more we’ll be able to accomplish over the next few months and ultimately, more people will see our contributors amazing work.

Our backers will also be sent some for-backer-eyes-only updates over the next few weeks featuring an advance glimpse of some of content in Issue 3 and some other never-before-seen exclusive photography so keep your eyes peeled.

26 days to go!

Issue 3 Kickstarter: The first 24 hours

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Well, what a difference a day makes. In less than 24 hours we’ve managed to raise 42% of our total funding goal on Kickstarter.

Visit our Kickstarter page here: http://kck.st/1kyLbAq

After weeks of planning, filming, editing, late-night emailing, and nervously biting our nails, to see such overwhelming support for issue 3 of The Quarterly right from the get-go really does make everything worth it. From the start, The Quarterly has been an experiment to try and do things differently to the mainstream publishing industry. (Continued below)


By it’s very nature, an experiment is the combination of a varying elements to see what works and what doesn’t work. As we’ve been shown time and time again, when something works it’s a bloody marvellous feeling, but when it doesn’t work it can be difficult to unruffle your feathers, shrug your shoulders and try again.

Right now however, our feathers have most certainly been unruffled and shall remain unruffled for some weeks to come.

Huge thanks to our first backers:

Andrew Knipe. Stephen Smith. Nathan Cleary. Stuart Moore. Chris Newberry. Damian Boys. Laura Carberry. Simon James Bell. Chris Jarvis. Vikki Ross. Rory Gullan. Kevin Exley. Jerome. Rich. Desiree Pfeiffer. Lea Fabing. Doug. Haileeyy. Matthew Lynch. Phil Ivens. Johan Ulburghs. Claire McAlpine. Simon Keane. Steve Calder. Tiffany ‘TJ’ Villiers. Liam Fay-Fright. Eva Powell. Lisa Curtis. Ben Peckett. Mark Massey. Mark Ivkovic. 

You guys are so damn juicy.

Keep an eye on The Creative Book blog, The Quarterly News Page our Twitter, and this news page to catch some unpublished snippets of the exclusive content we’ve got lined up for issue 3. Honestly, it’s going to be incredibly wild.

The Quarterly Issue 3 Kickstarter is LIVE.

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Yep, the rumours are true. We’re doing another Kickstarter.

Direct link: http://kck.st/M8EnuI

2013 was an amazing first year for us. During our last Kickstarter, we managed to create quite a social media storm and grab the attention of some huge industry websites – including mentions on Creative Review, Fubiz, Fvonf, Ilovethatphoto, Design Collector, and Design Good.

Everyone involved in producing issues 1 and 2 of The Quarterly has learnt a great deal about independent publishing along the way and we’ve all learnt from our mistakes more times than we can remember.

Most importantly, we’ve realised the key to our future success is taking a final leap of faith towards printing a lot more copies. By moving from digital printing to lithographic printing, we’ll have to invest more, but we’ll also bring the cost per issue down and be able to print thousands more copies – while ensuring our standards remain high and we don’t sacrifice on print quality whatsoever.

It’s a scary next step for us, but issue 1 and issue 2 were an experiment and now we finally think we’ve got what it takes to move into the realms of the big dogs.

On top of which, if this 30-day all-or-nothing round of crowdfunding is successful, we’ll create the budget we need to print issue 4 of The Quarterly and create a sustainable business model for all future issues of The Quarterly.

To make this happen, we need help to spread the word so please shout about it from the rooftops!

Keep an eye on this blog, our Twitter, and The Creative Book blog for updates on how things are going and some other surprises we’ve got tucked up our sleeves.

See you in 30 days!



Three Covers to rule them all…

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We had trouble choosing two covers, let alone one, so ended up on three.. Woo! We thought we should share them all with you in a nice weekend update. The deadline for our kickstarter is looming ever closer and we’re seriously, seriously, unbelievably grateful for all your support.

One last push would be mega awesome mind you! – support us via http://kck.st/1dUxBE7

All three covers

All three covers

Stefan by Tom Johnson

Stefan by Tom Johnson

Stefan by Roo Lewis

Stefan by Roo Lewis


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With 6 days to go, our Kickstarter is now 114% and we’re amazed to see people continue to pledge their support. 

With our printing deadline just around the corner, our writers and photographers around the world are working hard to make all of the last minute tweaks and changes to their respective projects, and we’re beyond excited for you all to see the finished project.

While we finalise everything, we thought we’d give you a sneak preview of one of our two covers for Issue 2. Yep, you heard right. Two covers. Each completely different but still as awesome as the other.

So without further ado, BOOM…


Photo by Tom Johnhson (http://www.tom-johnson.co.uk/Model: Billy Huxley (D1 Models)

Our feature shoot and feature editorial for Issue 2 of The Quarterly explores the subject of modern tattoo culture; it’s current rise in popularity and the role of tattoos in the fashion world.

We speak to tattoo models, tattoo shop owners, tattoo artists, and one illustrator which people have unexpectedly started paying to design tattoos for them.

Trust us, it’s epic.

If you’d like to pre-order a copy of Issue 2 you still have 6 days left to do so on The Quarterly Issue 2 Kickstarter.

Huge thanks to our newest backers:


 Sandrine Rioux

Gerbil Geronimo

Jace Kim

Oliver Philips


Tanekeya Word

Karel Uyttendaele

Maria Agergaard Pedersen

Diane Avery

You are all awesome.





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With 9 days to, our Kickstarter campaign is now sitting at 102% of our funding goal, and we couldn’t have done without all of your incredible support.


We smashed it. Together.

It’s been an incredible learning experience and while it really is beyond amazing to reach our funding goal, running this campaign has also introduced us to so many awesome people and connections in the industry which will only help The Quarterly to continue to grow after Issue 2.

Huge thanks to all of our newest backers:

Simon James Bell

Matthew Wagerfield

Robin Curtis

Eric Wilson

Sharon Kim

Jessica Eckstein

Jaina Parmar

Alan Dancing-Misanthrope

You are all more epic than the summit of Mt Everest.

fudning progress - smashed it

To everyone who has backed our project so far, the campaign will continue to run for 9 more days and we will be in touch shortly afterwards regarding your chosen reward. We believe in The Quarterly, but we really didn’t expect to reach our goal so quickly so this amazing news has come at a time when we’re all working our socks off to pull everything together for the Issue 2 deadline.

Rest assured, it’s the best issue 2 of The Quarterly the world has ever seen.

For anyone who was hoping to pledge, but hasn’t yet had the chance, the campaign is still running so you’ve got another 9 days to get involved.

Again, our sincerest thanks to everyone who has supported this project so far. Please keep spreading the word.

You are EPIC.



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