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Roo Lewis

Entering the final week on Kickstarter

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As anyone who has ran a Kickstarter campaign will know, counting down the final week is always the most exciting part of the journey. 

With 8 days left, we still find ourselves rubbing our eyes in disbelief when we see we’ve nearly tripled our minimum funding target. Seriously, running an all-or-nothing funding campaign is pretty nerve-wracking stuff as no matter how many countless nights of planning you do, you still have no idea whether people will want to get involved or not.

Fortunately for us, you’re all a bloody lovely bunch and we honestly can’t thank you enough for your continued support. Lot’s of exciting stuff has happened for The Quarterly over the past few days, but before we get into that, let us start by saying a personal thanks to all of our newest backers:

Melanie. Christina Lenna. Mike Giles. Kathleen Coram. Beth May. LaRayne Loucks. Skittle Shaw. Amer A Majid. Nnena Alice Nwakodo. Caleb Williamson. Matthieu Herblin. Roman Ruska. Tsukasa Tanimoto. Az Mitchell. Thomas Methe. Richard Wynn. Julie Adams. Romke Hoogwaerts. Tim Johnson.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You rule. Hard.

Communion Music

In issue 3 of The Quarterly, we speak to the folks at independent record label, Communion Music. Originally founded in 2006 as a weekly live music night by Ben Lovett (Mumford and Sons), Kevin Jones (Bear’s Den) and acclaimed produced Ian Grimble, Communion have achieved a remarkable amount since their humble beginnings.

To give you all a taste of what to expect from the full printed feature, head over to our Features page to read an exclusive in-depth interview with co-founder Ben Lovett as he talks all about what drives Communion’s small team to keep striving for more without ever sacrificing integrity.

Ben Lovett (Mumford & Sons) talks all about the record label he co-founded in 2006, Communion Records.

Ben Lovett (Mumford and Sons) talks all about the record label he co-founded in 2006, Communion Records, over at our Features page.


As most of our English readers will probably be aware, BrewDog are an independent beer brewery with pubs up and down the United Kingdom. We first met the good people at BrewDog when they kindly agreed to donate some free beer to our Issue 2 launch party. Since then, we’ve been lucky enough to get to know a few of the people who work their balls off to make BrewDog the extremely popular company it is today. In Issue 3 of The Quarterly, photographer Roo Lewis, spends a day with the team at BrewDog’s pub in Shoreditch to capture a fragment of the BrewDog lifestyle.

To give yet another teaser of what to expect from the full feature, head over to our Features page to read an honest (and quite funny) interview with BrewDog’s Events & Sponsorship Guy, Mark Hislop.

BrewDog's Mark Hislop gives an honest account of his life with the independent brewery over on our Features page.

BrewDog’s Mark Hislop gives an honest account of his life with the independent brewery over on our Features page.

 The next steps

With just one week to go, we’re extremely keen to keep pushing to try and break through the 4K barrier on Kickstarter as it’ll mean more people see our contributors work, and we’ll have the budget we need to ensure Issue 4 of The Quarterly is an absolute success.

An awful lot of our top-tier rewards have already been snapped up but one thing that happens quite a lot on Kickstarter is that people suddenly change their mind at the last minute and drop out for one reason or another. On this occasion, one of two backers for our very top-tier reward GROUP HUG has done just this. At first we were a little shocked to hear such news, but we’re not too stressed as it now gives someone else the opportunity to get involved in Issue 4. Head over to our Kickstarter page to read more about this extremely limited reward.

One week to go. Let’s smash it out the park.

12 days in. 100 backers. Smashing it.

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Twelve days into our Kickstarter for Issue Three of The Quarterly, we’ve just broken past the 3K mark.


Massive buckets of thanks to our latest backers:

Jacob Woolcock. Christopher Greer. Stephen Lamb. Arseny Vesnin. Amer A Majid. Tom Williams. Denia Kazakou. Amer. Paige Mitchell. Matthew Scott. George Brown. Matthew Wilks. Balkan Vinyl. Eric Athanas. Łukasz Chmielowski. Emma Channon. Stephanie Khiara. Amrit Bajwa. 

You guys are all motherflipping sorcerers.

New Feature

In Issue Two of The Quarterly, we spent a day with tattooed male model, Billy Huxley.

If you haven’t seen us shouting about it via our social media channels yet, we’ve just added his very honest interview to our features page. Check it out here.


Billy Huxley adding to his growing tattoo collection while interviewed for Issue Two of The Quarterly. Photo by Roo Lewis.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be adding some unpublished shots and extended interviews from Issue Three of The Quarterly so keep your eyes peeled for more sneaky previews.

Google Plus

As anyone who uses social media to promote their wares will know, Facebook has recently been flaunting it’s big hairy corporate dong and practically started forcing people to pay for advertising.

Obviously as an independent journal, we haven’t got a lot of disposable income so while we’ll keep posting new and interesting content on The Quarterly Facebook we’ve also decided to set up a Google Plus page which you can visit here: http://bit.ly/1jo5cXD 

Screen shot 2014-02-23 at 11.57.00

  18 days to go

It’s still difficult to comprehend we’re not even half way through our 30-day Kickstarter funding period and 222% funded but we’re not going to slack off. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Our goal with The Quarterly is to prove that you can get an independent publication in front of the eyes of as many people as the big dogs and we’re confident we’ll get there. One step at a time.

Smashing it on Kickstarter.

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175% funded. Safe to say, things are going pretty well for our Issue Three Kickstarter. 

Just one week into our 30-day Kickstarter for Issue 3, we’ve managed to raise nearly double our minimum funding target which is all thanks to you guys being absolutely bloody awesome.

Huge thanks to our newest backers:

Theresa Landell. Belinda McLaughlin. Jonathan Yates. Kevin Franklin. Chris Holden. Hayley Byfield. Nicola Scott. Dustin Kalynchuk. Richard Laurente. Charlie Wooldridge. Ben Aldrige. Damian Swift. Mat Deppe. Seth Steranka. Matt Boswell. Jamie Hall. Jon Shone. David Miller. Aaron J L P Spicer. James Coronado. Evan Tarantino. Afriat. Matt Walton. Aaron Cheeseman. Lucy Williams. Simina A. Aleksandra Kingo.

If you were all horses, you’d be blooming stallions. 


New Jilted Reward

A few of you may have noticed we’ve added a few new rewards to our Kickstarter over the weekend. To explain a little further, we’ve teamed up with the incredibly fucking cool people at Jilted Royalty to offer some extremely limited edition T-shirts. Only 25 will ever be made and sizes are limited so get yours before they sell out.

(Note – To those of you who selected the  £30 ‘JILTED EDITION’ reward, this comes with an awesome Jilted Royalty T-Shirt but it isn’t one of the limited edition versions. There’s been a little confusion so we just wanted to set the record straight.)

In Issue 3 of The Quarterly, photographer Gobinder Jhitta spends some time with the founder of Jilted Royalty, Jay Read and his family to capture the Jilted way of life. Having just seen the photography for this article, I can confirm it’s flipping awesome.

Here’s a little preview:

The Jilted Family by photographer, Gobinder Jhitta for Issue Three of The Quarterly

The Jilted Family by photographer, Gobinder Jhitta for Issue Three of The Quarterly

New Features

We’ve also recently added a couple of new features to our site showing off some epic work from Roo Lewis and Marc Pritchard from Issue One of The Quarterly. Check them out here:


A preview of 'Fahrenheit 451' by Marc Pritchard and 'PropDep' by Roo Lewis  in Issue One of The Quarterly.

A preview of ‘Fahrenheit 451′ by Marc Pritchard and ‘PropDep’ by Roo Lewis in Issue One of The Quarterly.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding some more tasty features from Issue Two and throwing up some never-before-seen exclusive interviews from Issue Three. Keep your eyes well and truly peeled.

23 days to go!

Three Covers to rule them all…

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We had trouble choosing two covers, let alone one, so ended up on three.. Woo! We thought we should share them all with you in a nice weekend update. The deadline for our kickstarter is looming ever closer and we’re seriously, seriously, unbelievably grateful for all your support.

One last push would be mega awesome mind you! – support us via http://kck.st/1dUxBE7

All three covers

All three covers

Stefan by Tom Johnson

Stefan by Tom Johnson

Stefan by Roo Lewis

Stefan by Roo Lewis

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