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We’re 3 days into our Kickstarter Campaign and thanks to the support of the creative community we’ve already raised 28% of our funding goal.

Check out The Quarterly Kickstarter HERE.

Everyday on Kickstarter brings new pangs of excitement which remind us why we started The Quarterly in the first place. Your constant support and enthusiasm to make a publication which does things differently keeps us working our socks off to make it happen.


HUGE thanks to our newest backers:

Vikki Ross

Kate Myers

In just two days all 15 of our earlybird rewards have sold out. Of course, that’s not to say the rest of our rewards aren’t worth backing. In fact, all of them offer a huge saving on our retail price and the more pledges we receive the more copies of Issue 2 we can print and show off around the world.

Our campaign has had more online success in the last 24 hours. Our blog post on The Creative Book blog about how we are promising to donate 5% of our total profits from Issue 2 back into future Kickstarter Projects is now featured on the front page of www.kicktraq.com. If you’ve got 15 seconds spare, check out this Instagram edit by Black Market Visuals. And, our features editor, Naeem Alvi, sat down with the good people of Victoria Line for a video interview to explain why The Quarterly does things differently.

Please keep tweeting, sharing and backing The Quarterly Issue 2 Kickstarter. 26 days to go!

You are AWESOME.


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