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Posted by | September 29, 2013 | Kickstarter | No Comments

With 9 days to, our Kickstarter campaign is now sitting at 102% of our funding goal, and we couldn’t have done without all of your incredible support.


We smashed it. Together.

It’s been an incredible learning experience and while it really is beyond amazing to reach our funding goal, running this campaign has also introduced us to so many awesome people and connections in the industry which will only help The Quarterly to continue to grow after Issue 2.

Huge thanks to all of our newest backers:

Simon James Bell

Matthew Wagerfield

Robin Curtis

Eric Wilson

Sharon Kim

Jessica Eckstein

Jaina Parmar

Alan Dancing-Misanthrope

You are all more epic than the summit of Mt Everest.

fudning progress - smashed it

To everyone who has backed our project so far, the campaign will continue to run for 9 more days and we will be in touch shortly afterwards regarding your chosen reward. We believe in The Quarterly, but we really didn’t expect to reach our goal so quickly so this amazing news has come at a time when we’re all working our socks off to pull everything together for the Issue 2 deadline.

Rest assured, it’s the best issue 2 of The Quarterly the world has ever seen.

For anyone who was hoping to pledge, but hasn’t yet had the chance, the campaign is still running so you’ve got another 9 days to get involved.

Again, our sincerest thanks to everyone who has supported this project so far. Please keep spreading the word.

You are EPIC.



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